Monday, July 12, 2010

Survival Food

When you are world travelers (we consider the US the world) a girl's gotta be prepared these days for the unexpected. What if:
• We got stranded
• Flat tire
• Hair ball
• Ruby J wants me to dance like Tina (that takes calories girl!)
• We are laughing so hard we can’t drive
• Shopped and dropped
• Pee’d again
• We are crying and can’t see….sometimes we laugh till it makes us cry.
• Sleepy, you don’t want to hear about the road side…or lack thereof…parks we’ve slept in
• Pulled over for, hummm…maybe SPEEDING!
• Farts or belches and it didn’t smell like roses
• Or, just plain hungry, talking takes energy

Well, whatever the reason we pack for the long cold months, like we might have to hibernate, you just never know. Our fav’s are cheese. Not just any cheese, we like the spensive stuff: Cheddar, goat, gouda, Swiss (baby that is). We gotta have crackers with our cheese, I’d say wine, but I might be driving. Triskets or any old flat hard thing will do. Now we gotta have nuts: almonds, peanuts…ok just get a can of mixed nuts and you’re good. Fruit is a must. Girl don’t get mushy fruit. You are driving and not looking at what you’re grabbing in the goody bag and you don’t wanna drip all over the steering wheel-please Louise! Blue berries, grapes, strawberries are all easy to pick up and drop between your…you know-seat.

Then there is the pee-esta resist taunt , drum roll please, Venus’s famous Granola. Yes, you think I’m kidding, but I, Venus D’Gaudez am a Granola making fool. It’s true just ask anyone I’ve force fed the stuff to. “You’ll like it if you try it.” Famous last words, swallow don’t spit. For this trip I made Autumn Blend. I like to toast it to give it a little crunch and toasted travels better than raw.

Autumn Blend Granola
6 cups whole oats
1 cup pecans
1 cup walnuts
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup raisins
1 cup honey
1 cup dried cherries
1 cup dried figs
1 cup dried dates
½ cup flax seed
¼ cup molasses
½ teaspoon salt

Mix it all in a HUGE bowl, then spread on a cookie sheet and toast, turning about every 10 minutes, for 30 minutes on 250 degrees. Let it cool and break it up in chunks or however you like it.
Making your own granola just gives you a feeling of earthiness, is that a word? And, by the way it’s a lot cheaper. I literally give the stuff away. It freezes wonderfully, so it will last the whole season. Eat it just the way it is or with yogurt, ice cream (yum), sprinkle it over salads, or fill up your bowl and eat it with milk. Honey you can eat this granola on or with anything and talk about feeling lighter, geez just looking at it gets me going.

Nuf about me, Ruby J makes this killer grape salad. Ok, so we don’t necessarily take it on trips, but you gotta try it.
Ruby J’s Green Seedless you don’t wanna spit seeds on your friends, geez! Grape Salad
1 lb. Green seedless grapes
2 blocks cream cheese softened
Chopped pecans the number or poundage is up to you
1 tsp. sugar

Mix and chill.

Ruby J says she stole this recipe from that famous animal lover Pam, who she knows would want to share it with the whole world. However, she didn’t say if Pam stole it or should I say borrowed. Anywho, the reason we don’t include this as one of our staple survival foods is we, Ruby J and I eat with our fingers when we are driving. Sometimes Ruby J stops short. And though she would always tell me if I needed a “BIN Check” (Bugger in Nose check), I think she would bust a gut seeing cream cheese and grapes all over my face. At some point she’d just say, “Venus, get that shit off your face.”


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