Friday, July 16, 2010

Poet and Didn't Know it

Fall seems to be the trend for trips lately. Ruby J and I head for Cypress Springs Lake near the town of Winnsboro, Texas. It must have been fate because I was whining to a good friend about how I was stumped where to take our next trip. She offered her lake cabin, and of course it would have been rude for me to not accept. Ruby loved the idea and started packing for the winter.

You know I don’t say a word anymore about Ruby’s packing or how many bags, trunks or Pods she brings with her. One trip she had a trunk with all her make-up in it. I think the thing was as big as a small fishing boat. She called it a Caboodle….I was like, ok call it what you like, the thing is huge! I just happened to politely say, “Ruby, does it really take all those cosmetics, to make you presentable?” She never said a word, but years later when we were having one of our confession sessions’s she blurted out how bad I hurt her feelings. Believe me, to this day she has not forgotten about it. I have to say, through the years she has downsized to a bag (the size of a paddle boat). Come on Ruby J, “Let it go, let it go, release, relinquish, repent.”

The lake cabin was so charming and private. These kinds of places are so awesome during the day, but for two fraidy cats, when darkness comes all we can think about is Jason and Crystal Lake. It’s evident we’ve seen way to many horror movies. Locked down, blinds shut, 32 Chiefs Special right under my pillow, we both end up sleeping in the loft, thinking at least we would have the advantage if he tries to climb the ladder. We talk non-stop, hoping our bantering and chatter will scare the hell out of him, and then peacefully we slip into the night and our dreams.

Bright and early we rise, have strong coffee, put our faces on and head for town. Winnsboro, though not a large town, was very inviting. We saw a small coffee shop called Art & Espresso and stopped in for a cup of Joe. The owner was preparing for the day and offered us pastries and kept our cups full-yum. She asked if we were coming to the poetry reading that night. We looked at each other and thought, “Do we look like we attend poetry readings?” Eyes meeting eyes, I could read Ruby J’s mind….ok, we’ll play. We acted like we were surprised and excited to be personally invited to a poetry reading. “Sure, we’d love to come, sounds like fun” Ruby J cutely responded. I had never been to a poetry reading and knew this was something we had to witness. I mean, how is it done? Do people volunteer to make fools of themselves in public? Is it acceptable to laugh out loud? Or, do we just snap our fingers if we are moved by the words?

Never expecting to actually return, we shop, eat, shop, eat, shop, go sightseeing and then thought, “Hum, let’s do it, we can actually tell people, why yes I’ve attended some wonderful poetry readings in my time, marvelous, just marvelous.” Returning to the coffee shop, we are a tad early so we have our pick of seats. We move to several different tables trying to decide which is best for maximum viewing. We finally settle down by a window, in case we start to laugh we can look out the window, instead of looking into a wall. The place begins to fill up with all types of interesting people. The owner says her little spill and introduces the famous native Winnsboro Poet. The first poem was either very short, or I missed it. All I heard was T’ha, sort of like he had something in his throat. Then another poem came with the same T’ha. I look at Ruby J with my lips so tightly closed for fear of busting out and immediately know she feels my pain. Not wanting to be rude and leaving in mid performance we sit there watching the crowd.

Apparently they must know something we don’t because they look like they are really into it, understand it, going with each line and appear connected. The only thing I can hear now is T’ha. We hear T’ha after each line, in the middle, between words and always at the end. After enduring what seemed like hours of incomprehensible sentences, words that don’t meet (even in the middle) and a rhyming pattern from an alien nation he bows and says we will take a short break before he begins again. You don’t have to give me a better sign that that. We are outta here. The minute the door closes behind us we start dying laughing. It’s true, we are confirmed poetry rejects.

On the way back to the cabin, poetry starts pouring from our mouths. We take our queue from our newly introduced famous poet and make sure we follow protocol. After the first few poems, I scream for Ruby J to find a pen and write them down. Oh My God, we are poets and didn’t know it. All these years we had a talent inside just waiting to be exposed. On our way home we capture some of our more famous poems, I’m sure you’ve heard them, I mean if you have any clue of the literary world that is. Just in case, I’ve added them for your reading pleasure.

Ruby J
Writing a poem, searching for words,
Trying to think of rhymes.
So many things, so many tries,
But nothing seems to chime.
Cleverness escapes me, smiles surround me.
Time after time after time.
Two words I cannot forget,
Friend and lobster or lobster and friend,
Really it does not matter,
Cause you my friend, are both to me,
With grapes on a silver platter……T’ha…

I have found it is the little things that mean the most
Who would have thought t’ha would make me smile
When it’s not even a word, or is it?
It’s not in the dictionary, it’s not in a file
But it has meaning to me and makes me smile
And, I believe if a word has meaning to
At least two people in the world
Then we should enjoy it all the while. T’ha

Ruby J (Birthday Poem)
Candles and cakes,
Road trips and lakes,
Laughter and wine,
Good friends and not so good ones too,
Some of us are really blessed, to have a great friend like you! T’ha
Dancing and wigs,
Cat eye glasses,
Lots of presents too.
Just stopped by, to tell you this…
Happy Birthday to You! T’ha

Ruby J (Liver)
Liver is an ugly thing
Smelly too…
When someone offers you liver,
Just offer them your smelly shoe…T’ha

Ruby J (Poem of the Afternoon)
Ode to afternoon
Afternoon, tune, tuna, fish
Fish, dish, red hat.
Red hat, how about that!
Jew-re, never enough.
Doesn’t rhyme
Who Cares!!!! T’ha

Deadlines, Deadline, Dead, D’ah
What does that say to you?
Deadlines make you dead?
Oh, my weary head
Clock ticking, time flying
I’m sighing,
Only to realize
My coffee is cold


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