Sunday, July 11, 2010

Never had a sister, so a Lobster will have to do!


Relax, have a nice cup of coffee, tea or your preferred adult beverage and see life through the eyes of two passionate women, who in the beginning of their 30+ year friendship, were not passionate at all. At least not about each other anyway. Well, that's not completely true. How can you be passionate about first impressions? Not that Ruby J could be considered a judger at all. However, at first site she hated me. It was one of those "French Kiss" scenes where Kate sits down in front of Juliet and say, "It was before I knew you, bitch" kind of moments.

Thank goodness we got past that! Anyway before we head off on 30 years of adventures let me explain "Lobsters". Ruby J and I never had a sister growing up. I was always envious of sisters who told each other all their lifelong secrets and knew there was a sacred bond between the two. Then on one of the "Friends" episodes, Phoebe explained how Lobsters will search the entire ocean looking for its soul mate. When they find each other they never part. Even when they die the living Lobster hooks it little claw around the other and drags it along until it is no more (have you got a good picture yet?). At that moment I knew Ruby J was my sister (Lobster) for life. Except that, I don't plan on dragging her around if she goes first, that is, unless she is wearing lots of cute jewelry.

In a nutshell Ruby J is the sister I never had and for 30+ years have always had. She is everything I could ever imagine a sister would be. She has that sister intuition, and knows exactly what to say at precisely the right moment. She’s outspoken, never meets a stranger and is literally the Sun. I on the other hand am quite the introvert, happy in my shell. You might say together we are the yin and yang of best friends.

Join me as I attempt to portray the wild and crazy adventures or should I say Lobster Tales of Venus and Ruby J.


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  1. I can't wait to see what your stories will entail!!! I'm really looking forward to hearing about pennies from heaven soon. I love you both!